Obviously i love my necklace #selfie


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Daria Strokous in “The Best and The Brightest” by Nathaniel Goldberg for Harper’s Bazaar, September 2014

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Richard Emblin

A young man hurls himself across the Rio Negro gorge in Guyabetal in the central Colombian Andes to fetch a plank of wood stuck over the abyss

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The Ultimate Dream

LIGHTS. CAMERA and then I scream ACTION! Is it weird that I still fantasize people watching my movies? Critics fighting over whether or not it’s good and people calling me a classic. I mostly see myself making moves with bright vivid colours and then an awesome score in the background.

I see it. I want it Yet I also want to work for Vogue, I want to print and photography amazing stills of fashion in action. At the same time I want to travel around with my camera in hand. How can I want all of this and not pick one? Is it possible to have all of this? Be all of this? I also want a family.

All of that is the ultimate dream, yet I’m afraid I’ll be less of all of that.