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Trying To Get Over You

For me to actually get over a guy I let time pass by until I stop looking at his Facebook page, stopped talking about him and wouldn’t have to say I am over him.Because if i say that it feels like I’m convincing myself to get over someone rather than actually move on.

The first time a guy broke my heart, I tore pages out of my journal that even mentions his name and then go on with my days. I got over him with time by letting myself believe I’m young and that there are more guys out there.

The second time I actually burned my journal. Time again let me heal until now I haven’t thought of him.

Right now I tore pages and it’s been a year now. 8 months clinging to unrequited feelings and 4 months trying to get over it. During those 4 months i had 2 to forget him and i almost did. All it took was another option and actual attention then i got back. The thought of him engulfed me that it feels like I was only on vacation to try to move on but once it’s over I’m back to him. 

Maybe time is an essence as much as i believe I can never get over him i will.


Maryna Linchuk after the Dior show in Paris

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Who are your style icons?
My style icons range from Jane Birkin to Cate Blanchett. I’m also in love with the ‘60s and ‘70s so I’m always looking for outfit inspiration on Pinterest and buying stuff off Etsy! I love that the ‘90s are coming back because it makes me nostalgic of my childhood. I was a huge Spice Girls fan and just bought platform sneakers in honor of them!

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